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        • HWP-300/300H
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        • HWP-300/300H

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        Adjustable inflating pressure;automatically inflating or deflating;sound prompt after inflation;safe and accurate;easy to use.
        Special mode for inflating tires of 0 pressure.
        inflated tires management function.
        Fast and little noise inflation and deflation by using special soun reduced mass flow valve.
        Controlled by special chip,which is reliable,multifunctional and accurate.
        High light LED,clear and easy to read.
        8 Preset keys,convenient pressure setting.
        One-key tire expansion setting.

        Temperature range Power source Power Max.Inlet pressure Inflating pressure range Precision Pressure unit Dimensions
        -20-70℃ AC110V/220V 50/60 Hz 30W 1.200Mpa <0.5Mpa <0.01Mpa
        PSI/bar 320*350*95mm

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            <bdo id="us134"></bdo>