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        • HWC-100

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        Numbers of high precision electronic scales to control the injection amount of new oil.
        Numbers of high precision temperature sensor to real time monitor new oil and drain oil temperature.  
        New oil preheat/ semiconductor heat exchange.
        Purge internal oil line.
        lndependent drain waste oil line which avoids the pollution to the internal lines by the waste oil.
        Lots of special adapters for european, American and Asian vehicles.

        Operating temerature Storage temperature
        Working Voltage
        New oil pump
        Old oil pump
        Purge hose Drain oil hose
        Language New and old tank capacity
        -20 - 50℃
        -30 - 80℃ DC12-15V 360W 4.3" Color screen 4L/Min 1Mp
        4L/Min 0.2Mp  2.5M 1.5M Chinese/English ≤20L
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            <bdo id="us134"></bdo>